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The Appeal

The Rosemary Appeal is striving to raise £4.5 million to build and populate the Rosemary Centre at West Berkshire Community Hospital with staff and equipment.

Currently, patients from Newbury and West Berkshire suffering from advanced illnesses such as Cancer and Renal disease have to travel to Reading, Oxford, Swindon and even further afield to Southampton and London to receive treatment. The amount of time and money spent travelling places significant strain on not just patients, but also their families and friends. 

By raising £4.5 million and building the Rosemary Centre a significant number of patients in the local community will be able to receive the care they need closer to home, to make their lives that bit easier.

the rosemary appeal will enhance the quality of life of palliative illness patients in west berkshire

Treatment and facilities to be offered at the Rosemary Centre will include:

Renal Dialysis

There is currently nowhere in West Berkshire for patients to receive Renal dialysis treatment. Currently 29 patients have to travel from their homes to Reading three times a week for critical treatment; this figure is increasing annually. The Rosemary Centre will bring this crucial capability to treat a increasingly common illness to the local community. 

Day Therapy Unit

The new Centre will have consulting and treatment rooms, with areas for privacy. The Community Specialist Nurses will be based in the Centre. The existing care team will be able to care for 30% more patients enabling people suffering from cancer, and advanced heart, neurological and respiratory illnesses to receive additional care.

Community Chemotheraphy

With a designated Chemotheraphy unit, the Rosemary Centre will be able to provide a greater level of treatment to more patients beyond the existing mobile unit. The designated Chemotherapy unit will offer privacy and comfort during a difficult time for patients , with a waiting area for their nearest and dearest in the same building. 

IV Therapy

The Newbury Hospital Community IV Team are currently restricted by limited treatment areas. The new Centre will allow more treatments to be given locally, including immune system treatments for rheumatology, haematology and gastroenterology. The treatments will be given in the community chemotherapy area of the Centre.  

CT Scanner 

The presence of a CT Scanner will aid early diagnosis of serious illness as well as helping to monitor progress of treatment. The new scanner will reduce waiting times for scans in the region, ensuring as many serious illnesses are caught as early as possible. 


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