The Arrival of the new CT Scanner!

We are thrilled to announce that the CT scanner is now in place at the new centre at West Berkshire hospital. CT scanning is a fast, painless, non-invasive and highly accurate piece of equipment, and is vital for diagnosing and monitoring illnesses.

We can also report that the scanner has already been successfully tried and tested with a patient just yesterday. There will now be a month of training for staff at the hospital to prepare for when it is fully up in running in February.

This is just one example of the fantastic and very much essential pieces of equipment that will feature in the new centre. Thank you so much again to everyone who has kindly donated so far, none of this would be possible without your help! There is still, however, a long way to go to reach the final target. For information on how you can donate or get involved with fundraising please follow the link below!


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