Gold Civic Award to be presented to The Rosemary Appeal

As part of the Thatcham Civic Award Scheme 2019, Thatcham Town Council presents up to three Gold Civic Awards to members of the public in recognition of their significant service to the community.

After the recent meeting of the Adjudication Panel, The Rosemary Appeal Team was delighted to receive a Gold Civic Award as recognition of the work undertaken in fundraising and developing the Rosemary Centre.

The reasons for the nomination were:

“The Rosemary Appeal has focused the publics mind with regard to fundraising as it has identified a cause that has had mass appeal for everyone in this community. It is a great example of working together for the greater good.

They have raised just over £5 million which is tremendous as it seemed unachievable to begin with.

The Renal Dialysis and Cancer Care Units will provide essential facilities for the local community, including day therapy, chemotherapy, renal dialysis, IV therapies and a CT scanner.

The services provided will transform the experience of those patients using them and those carers and families supporting loved ones through advanced illness. We are lucky to have the trustees and all their supporters working together to maximise the facilities available for our residents.”

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