White-collar boxing match proves once again to be a hit!

On behalf of the Rosemary Appeal, we’d like to say a huge thank you to the White-collar boxers who raised an amazing £5282.11 on Saturday the 10th March. This is the third white-collar boxing event organised by Gary Amor and Darren Charlto, for the benefit of the Rosemary Appeal.

While the participants refer to themselves as ‘hobby boxers’ the ten bouts are very professionally organised and managed – Mike Tyson would feel very much at home! With 3 - 2 minute rounds all of the boxers go through several months of fitness training before they are allowed in the ring.

The event was held at Newbury’s Northcroft Centre, which has proven to be a very appropriate venue for the event. Tickets are sold to the public and an enthusiastic crowd is always guaranteed. While the Rosemary Appeal has attracted all manner of fund raising activities – The White-collar Boxers really do go that extra distance to raise funds.

10th March 2018

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