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Our Partners

The Rosemary Appeal is supported by a number of local Hospital trusts and sponsors. Their dedication in helping both run and fund the Rosemary Appeal will be vital in the development of an advanced Cancer and Renal disease care facility for the people of Newbury and West Berkshire.

Newbury and Thatcham Hospital Building Trust

The NTHBT was set up in August 1997 as a result of a legacy left by Miss Rooke to be used to improve the facilities of Newbury Hospital for the benefit of patients and to improve the health of people in the area. The legacy and a mortgage were used to build the present West Berkshire Community Hospital. The NTHBT has some remaining money from the legacy, which can be used to improve the facilities of the Community Hospital and to help improve the health of patients attending the hospital. It has already provided a new endoscopy unit, improved X-ray facilities, provided rooms for new consultants and improved the provision of day case surgery.

The charity is now working closely with the Newbury & District Cancer Care Trust to build an extension to the hospital, which will provide a renal dialysis unit and cancer care centre, which will improve the quality of life for many people over the coming years.


Newbury and District Cancer Care Trust

The Newbury and District Cancer Care Trust was founded in 1984, to help local people diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening illness. The Trust offers practical help such as transport, emergency financial grants and a range of therapy treatments. The Trust also provides grants to medical professionals for educational courses and organiSes seminars.

The Trust funded the creation of the Rainbow Rooms in the community hospital and, with support from the local community,  is responsible for maintaining and equipping the rooms.


Greenham Common Trust

Greenham Common Trust is a charitable trust which generates considerable financial support for the local community, charitable and voluntary sectors through the sustainable management and reinvestment of income from its assets, primarily Greenham Business Park.

This financial support, some £34m since the Trust was formed in 1997, has allowed significant improvements to the local environment and enabled social progress by creating opportunities for the whole community, enriching and enhancing the lives of local residents in West Berkshire and North Hampshire.
But the Trust doesn’t just provide charitable grants, it also supports sustainable partnerships in the voluntary sector by providing shared assets for community, health, social, educational, environmental and employment projects.

As well as providing funding for two significant bi-annual reactive grant rounds, the Trust also gives major grants to significant community projects, sports programmes, instruments on loan for under-privileged children and subsidies for arts centres.


Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder Charles Clore Day Hospice provides specialist end of life care, aiming to help people live as well as possible with the effects of their conditions by offering care, symptom management and support from a multi-professional team. The Rosemary Centre at West Berks Community Hospital will be the base for our community and day therapy services for Newbury and the surrounding areas, where an increased number of patients will have access to our specialist services in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Stewart Marks, Hospice Director for Sue Ryder in Berkshire adds; "The Rosemary Centre will be built and designed with the needs of patients and their families at the forefront and Sue Ryder is delighted to be able to work with partners to offer this excellent resource for the people of West Berkshire." 

For more information about Sue Ryder please visit: 


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