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Advanced illness is hard enough as it is. A little change could make a big difference.

The construction and commissioning of the Greenham Trust wing is close to completion. The CT scanner has been in operation since early 2018, on the ground floor the renal unit with kidney dialysis has been treating patients since July 2018 and on the first floor the Rosemary Centre with chemotherapy and other IV treatments has treated its first patients in February 2019.

We are delighted to confirm that with invaluable community involvement and support the Rosemary Appeal has been very successful and is close to its final target. 

We are now just £25,000 from our target and donations are still welcomed to complete the project and to provide ongoing support for the Rosemary Centre.

We are excited to confirm that The Greenham Wing will be officially opened by The Duchess of Gloucester on Wednesday 27th February.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported this fantastic Community Hospital project.

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